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Dave is back for yet another mind-blowing episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident where he sits down with 22-year-old Northern-Irish singer-songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson, better known as SOAK. Bridie has been touring since she was 15, which makes Dave a little jealous but he's okay with it. They discuss SOAK's upcoming album, Grim Town, out April 26, 2019 via Rough Trade Records, which you can pre-order now, plus they talk about Bridie's love of touring and skateboarding. Give it a listen or Dave will show up to your house at an inconvenient time and demand he uses your bathroom then ransack your medicine cabinet.

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Dave is sleep deprived following his whirlwind trip to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival where he woke up early a bunch of times and even met Demi Moore, who didn't know who he was but now she totally knows who he is. Then Dave sits down with Jake Duzsik of HEALTH to chat about HEALTH's new album, VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR (out February 8th on Loma Vista Recordings), Bon Scott, and that time Jake's dog baked a cake inside its own stomach. Listen!

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It's taken nine years, but Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident has finally hit its 100th incredible episode thanks in no small part to several of you tuning in every week and being patient during an extended five year hiatus. To celebrate, take a trip down memory lane with Dave as he presents highlights from over the years featuring excerpts of interviews with Jon Benjamin, Kevin Allison, Kristen Schaal, Martha Plimpton, Paul F. Tompkins, Dick Cavett, Bridget Everett, Malcolm Gladwell and also a bunch of smoking hot Valley Lodge songs.

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Dave's in San Francisco for Sketchfest but that doesn't stop him from releasing yet another mind-blowing episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident featuring writer, comedian and former America's Next Top Model contestant, Sarah Hartshorne. Sarah walks Dave through the bizarre audition process for ANTM which included getting her blood drawn in a hotel in Puerto Rico, before discussing her important work being done with Lady Parts Justice League. Listen and subscribe or Dave will seriously lose it.

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In this exciting episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, Dave catches up with his friend Nick Flanagan, a comedian, actor, musician and fantastic person. The conversation goes in at least 28 directions which Dave is totally cool with and hopes you are too or he'll stab you.

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Dave's still in Ohio for the holidays so he pays a visit to his friend George Hahn, a writer, actor, and fashionista who provides Dave with a few tips on how to be a gentleman and not a complete slob, which Dave appreciates even though he's trying really hard not to be offended.

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Dave's home for the holidays so he pays a visit to his friend Dawn Bartos, who is a professional witch. For real. While chatting in Dawn's witch store, The New Moon, Dave pesters her with questions about witchcraft and Paganism before Dawn tries to contact Dave's departed mother. It's nuts.

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It's the holidays and Dave can't help but do a special holiday episode of the show with his producer Chris, partly because he likes Chris but also because his guest had to cancel last minute. But don't worry- this episode is a real gem as Dave and Chris call up several people and Dave sings Billy Joel songs to them whether they like it or not. They also talk about Dave's trip to Jamaica and then some other stuff too. God bless us every one!

Former Judas Priest guitarist and living legend K.K. Downing chats on the phone with Dave about all sorts of crazy stuff, like the undeniable influence Downing's band had on music and how pretty much every metal fan dresses just like him. They also discuss Downing's excellent new memoir, "Heavy Duty: Days and Nights with Judas Priest," which Dave totally read and is available now wherever incredible books are sold. 

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It took some doing, but Dave has been suspended from Twitter for making mom jokes at the expense of Trump supporters. Here he talks it all out with his podcasting partner in crime and brains behind the operation, comedian Chris Gersbeck. They also talk about how life is better without the Internet and how Dave has learned Italian in the days since his suspension.

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