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The doctors said Dave's wounds have fully healed, so he's back with another episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident dammit. In this incredible installment, Dave sits down with E. G. Scott, the pseudonym for writers Liz Keenan and Greg Wands, to discuss important matters including their new book The Woman Inside, which Dave demands you buy unless you're an animal or something.

Also, Dave announces his new podcast: Dave Hill: History Fluffer, which critics are already saying is the best podcast. You can listen to the first two episodes of Dave Hill: History Fluffer on iTunes now if you think you can handle it. Please subscribe, rate and review, which we're told helps in our plot for world domination.

You can help keep this slick operation running by supporting Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident and Dave Hill: History Fluffer over on Patreon, where we'll be releasing future episodes first and foremost to you, the sexy, sexy listener. Ok, that about does it.

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Dave's back from his top-secret mission in London, which is in England, jet-lagged and sort of hungover, so he thought it would be fun to answer some listener mail and preview the next addition to Dave's growing Podcasting Empire:

You Had To Be There (with Dave Hill, Jim Biederman & Jodi Lennon)

Comedian Dave Hill gives his first-person account of different periods throughout history while Jim Biederman and Jodi Lennon call bullsh*t on most of what he's saying.

Subscribe to You Had To Be There on iTunes and please rate & review!

Recorded live at Q.E.D. in Astoria, Queens every Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Support us on Patreon and get early access to ad-free episodes, which are better, we checked. You'll also get t-shirts, patches, krank calls and more stuff most people can't handle.

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In this exciting and futuristic episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, Dave welcomes comedians Jess Salomon & Eman El-Husseini over to his home for coffee and delightful conversation with a notably calm Luci. Dave also recounts his recent trip to SXSW where he did some shows and witnessed something horrifying he can't stop thinking about. Check out The El-Salomons and go to Jess's album release show at C'Mon Everybody in Brooklyn on Sunday, April 7th or Dave will seriously lose it.

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It's a very special episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident as Dave gets permission to leave the confines of his beautiful home to chat with comedian, writer, producer and friend Jodi Lennon about her work on At Home with Amy Sedaris, her scandalous history involving wigs, fake I.D.s and thievery, and her new show with Dave and Jim Biederman, You Had To Be There. Recorded at QED in Astoria, Queens on Ash Wednesday.

Follow Jodi on Twitter.
Watch At Home with Amy Sedaris on truTV.
Come see You Had To Be There at QED.

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It's freezing in New York City and Dave is still suffering from plague-like symptoms but it's totally okay because we're here with another exciting episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident! This week Dave sits down with comedian, activist, former jazz pianist, and man-about-town Ted Alexandro to talk about Ted's comedic beginnings, his background in education and music, how his wife is a psychic medium and his great new podcast, A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro which you should listen to or Dave will stab you.

Watch Ted's latest stand up special on his website.
Subscribe, rate & review A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro on iTunes.

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