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It's taken nine years, but Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident has finally hit its 100th incredible episode thanks in no small part to several of you tuning in every week and being patient during an extended five year hiatus. To celebrate, take a trip down memory lane with Dave as he presents highlights from over the years featuring excerpts of interviews with Jon Benjamin, Kevin Allison, Kristen Schaal, Martha Plimpton, Paul F. Tompkins, Dick Cavett, Bridget Everett, Malcolm Gladwell and also a bunch of smoking hot Valley Lodge songs.

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Dave's in San Francisco for Sketchfest but that doesn't stop him from releasing yet another mind-blowing episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident featuring writer, comedian and former America's Next Top Model contestant, Sarah Hartshorne. Sarah walks Dave through the bizarre audition process for ANTM which included getting her blood drawn in a hotel in Puerto Rico, before discussing her important work being done with Lady Parts Justice League. Listen and subscribe or Dave will seriously lose it.

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In this exciting episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, Dave catches up with his friend Nick Flanagan, a comedian, actor, musician and fantastic person. The conversation goes in at least 28 directions which Dave is totally cool with and hopes you are too or he'll stab you.

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Dave's still in Ohio for the holidays so he pays a visit to his friend George Hahn, a writer, actor, and fashionista who provides Dave with a few tips on how to be a gentleman and not a complete slob, which Dave appreciates even though he's trying really hard not to be offended.

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