Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident

Dave is thrilled/intimidated to invite legendary cat lady/guitar shredder Mrs. Smith over to his place to talk about her missing cat, rip some solos on Dave's guitar, and much, more! Get Mrs. Smith's debut EP Introducing Mrs. Smith wherever incredible music is sold today.

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Dave welcomes author and humorist Mike Sacks to his lovely home to discuss orangutans, erotic fiction, Jon Hamm, and then other stuff besides those three things! Plus: more Dangerous Snakes Who Hate Bullshit initiations and listener mail!

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Dave's buddy Erik Bergstrom swings by Dave's house to talk about cancer, death, and much, much more! Erik has a brand new comedy album out today called Serious Goose and if you don't buy it Dave honestly doesn't know what he's gonna do with you! 

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This week Dave welcomes his friend Shonali Bhowmik, musician, actress, activist, and so much more. Shonali's excellent band Tigers and Monkeys have a brand new album out called Saturday Destroyer and if you don't buy it Dave will stab you.

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Dave is back for a fourth exhilarating week as he welcomes author, storyteller, and QED Astoria owner Kambri Crews to his apartment for coffee with him and his dog Luci. Kambri schools Dave on running a business, having a parent, in prison, being diagnosed with cancer, and other stuff he's not sure he could handle but they still manage to have a delightful time anyway. Also, Dave lets you know that Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is now on Patreon at patreon.com/davehill if you'd like to donate and keep the podcast alive but he's pretty chill about it, which is awesome.

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