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October 2018
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Dave's home for the holidays so he pays a visit to his friend Dawn Bartos, who is a professional witch. For real. While chatting in Dawn's witch store, The New Moon, Dave pesters her with questions about witchcraft and Paganism before Dawn tries to contact Dave's departed mother. It's nuts.

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It's the holidays and Dave can't help but do a special holiday episode of the show with his producer Chris, partly because he likes Chris but also because his guest had to cancel last minute. But don't worry- this episode is a real gem as Dave and Chris call up several people and Dave sings Billy Joel songs to them whether they like it or not. They also talk about Dave's trip to Jamaica and then some other stuff too. God bless us every one!

Former Judas Priest guitarist and living legend K.K. Downing chats on the phone with Dave about all sorts of crazy stuff, like the undeniable influence Downing's band had on music and how pretty much every metal fan dresses just like him. They also discuss Downing's excellent new memoir, "Heavy Duty: Days and Nights with Judas Priest," which Dave totally read and is available now wherever incredible books are sold. 

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It took some doing, but Dave has been suspended from Twitter for making mom jokes at the expense of Trump supporters. Here he talks it all out with his podcasting partner in crime and brains behind the operation, comedian Chris Gersbeck. They also talk about how life is better without the Internet and how Dave has learned Italian in the days since his suspension.

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Dave is thrilled/intimidated to invite legendary cat lady/guitar shredder Mrs. Smith over to his place to talk about her missing cat, rip some solos on Dave's guitar, and much, more! Get Mrs. Smith's debut EP Introducing Mrs. Smith wherever incredible music is sold today.

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Dave welcomes author and humorist Mike Sacks to his lovely home to discuss orangutans, erotic fiction, Jon Hamm, and then other stuff besides those three things! Plus: more Dangerous Snakes Who Hate Bullshit initiations and listener mail!

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Dave's buddy Erik Bergstrom swings by Dave's house to talk about cancer, death, and much, much more! Erik has a brand new comedy album out today called Serious Goose and if you don't buy it Dave honestly doesn't know what he's gonna do with you! 

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This week Dave welcomes his friend Shonali Bhowmik, musician, actress, activist, and so much more. Shonali's excellent band Tigers and Monkeys have a brand new album out called Saturday Destroyer and if you don't buy it Dave will stab you.

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Dave is back for a fourth exhilarating week as he welcomes author, storyteller, and QED Astoria owner Kambri Crews to his apartment for coffee with him and his dog Luci. Kambri schools Dave on running a business, having a parent, in prison, being diagnosed with cancer, and other stuff he's not sure he could handle but they still manage to have a delightful time anyway. Also, Dave lets you know that Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is now on Patreon at patreon.com/davehill if you'd like to donate and keep the podcast alive but he's pretty chill about it, which is awesome.

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Halloween is almost here as Dave welcomes cartoonist, illustrator, writer performer, and so much more Emily Flake to his apartment for coffee and chitchat about her time at Caroline Records, opening for Jawbreaker, raising a small human, and tons of other stuff too. Also, Dave tells an extremely scary ghost story that most people won't even be able to handle. Dave's dog Luci is on the scene too, so brace yourself for adorable dog-based content.

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Comedian and musician Clare O'Kane swings by Dave apartment to discuss the "October feels" and drink some coffee mostly, but things get really nuts when Dave digs out the banjo and Clare proceeds to tear that thing a new one. Get Clare's new comedy album Let It Be, out now on A Special Thing Records.

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Due to popular (i.e. at least six or seven people) demand, Dave has decided to break out the podcasting equipment again and return with some brand new episodes of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident after a nearly five-year break. To that end, he has invited photographer, author, and close personal friend Beowulf Sheehan over to HQ to discuss his brand new book AUTHOR: THE PORTRAITS OF BEOWULF SHEEHAN, the time he was attacked by an alligator, and other stuff besides those two things. Chris Gersbeck works the fancy equipment in the corner and Dave's dog Luci disrupts/awesomizes the proceedings. We hope you enjoy it so much. And tell your friends and enemies!

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