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Episode 56: Jena Friedman

The Incident is back with Episode 56 as I sit down with comedian, writer (Letterman), and producer (Daily Show) Jena Friedman to discuss topics including but not limited to Hurricane Sandy, something called Hit Lit, dental care and more!  In short, don't miss this one.  For more information on this podcast and other Dave-related topics, please visit www.davehillonline.com.  Also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/mrdavehill so some of this pain will go away.


Dave Hill

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Episode 55: Andy Dick

Episode 55 is here with extreme heat as I wander into an apartment on the Lower East Side and hang out with Andy Dick and his assistant/comedy partner Paris Dylan for a no-holds barred conversation that I won't soon forget no matter how hard I try.  This one pretty much has everything and more- ayurvedic cleansing, Simon and Garfunkel singalongs, you name it, including checking in with Shaina Feinberg and Ian Ball's Hot Jamz.  I had to shower immediately afterward.  I hope you enjoy it so much.  For more information on this podcast and other stuff too, please visit my website at www.davehillonline.com.  Also, follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/mrdavehill.

Still street,

Dave Hiill

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