Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident
Episode 1: Tig Notaro

This is the very first episode of my incredible new podcast, which pretty much involves me having delightful conversations with assorted people of note- you know, celebrities, dignitaries, assassins and whatnot.  This time around, my guest is my close personal friend, world-class comedian Tig Notaro, whom you no doubt know from the Sarah Silverman Program, In the Motherhood, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Comedy Central, Last Call with Carson Daly, and a bunch of other stuff too.  This interview was conducted at Tig's palatial Los Angeles home on July 5, 2010.  I am allergic to cats and Tig has one so I have the sniffles throughout.  Brace yourself.  For more information on this and other topics, please visit my website on the Internet at www.davehillonline.com.  Also, I'm on Twitter at twitter.com/mrdavehill.  So there.


Dave Hill

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