Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident
Episode 80: Damien Neva from Next Model Management

The mysterious hiatus is over and Dave's bandages have been removed as episode 80 of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is here like a goddamn freight train. This time around I sit down with Damien Neva from Next Model Management for one of the most glamorous episodes yet. Get your shit together as Damien and I sit down to discuss topics including but not limited to what I need to do to take my modeling career to the next level, how hard it is to get a decent cappucino in America, what male models talk about in their most private of moments, that shithole Milan, Drakkar Noir, how he hates the smell of pancakes, and about 500 other topics most people can't handle. In short, this one pretty much has everything, including my secretary Shaina Feinberg and Ian Ball's Hot Jamz. For more information on this podcast and other important Dave-related topics, please visit my website at www.davehillonline.com. Also, follow me on Twitter at @mrdavehill. I really need this.

Stay street,

Dave Hill

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