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Episode 73: Max Silvestri

Episode 73 is here and no one can believe it, especially after what everyone in the medical community was saying. Anyway, this time around, I sit down with comedian/writer Max Silvestri, host of NYC's excellent Big Terrific show, and talk about topics including but not limited to death, beer parties (!), whether or not the glasses in my apartment are clean, who would win if we fought to the death, how chicks have nicer beds than dudes, and other stuff that is really, really important, dammit. So there. I also debut a hot new Valley Lodge song, check in with my secretary Shaina Feinberg, and answer important listener questions. And, of course, Ian Ball delivers the Hot Jamz from London. For more information on this podcast and other Dave-related topics, please visit my website at www.davehillonline.com. Also, follow me on Twitter at @mrdavehill. I really, really need this. Thank you. You seem great.


Dave Hill

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