Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident
Episode 35: Walter Schreifels

Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is back with its very first episode of 2012.  On this epic episode, Dave sits down with his close personal friend and bandmate Walter Schreifels, whom you no doubt know from such bands as Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Walking Concert, the Walter Schreifels Band, and more for a discussion of topics including but not limited to the Yakuza, ham radio, the Minutemen, Nazis, music, and Morse code.  Also, brace yourself for the very first installment of "Your Life is Bullshit", taped live at the Talent Show at Littlefield in Brooklyn.  For more information on this podcast and other Dave-related topics, please visit my website at www.davehillonline.com.  Also, follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/mrdavehill.  That would be so great.


Dave Hill

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