Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident
Episode 24: Kristen Schaal

Pull your loved ones close as I sit down for this, the 24th episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, with the lovely and talented comedian, actress, writer, incredible dresser, and so much more Kristen Schaal, whom you no doubt know from such programs as "Flight of the Conchords, "The Daily Show," and "Bob's Burgers," as well as all sorts of movies and also "The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex," a book you should totally buy and then read to yourself and also your loved ones.  Kristen came over to my house and we ate cookies and chatted for a while and had a delightful time in general.  I hope you enjoy it so much.  For more information on this podcast and other stuff Dave-related, please visit my incredible website at www.davehillonline.com and also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/mrdavehill.  That would be so great.

Stay street,

Dave Hill

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