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Episode 18: Nick Kroll

This time around, I have my dear friend, the lovely and talented Nick Kroll, whom you no doubt know from such programs as “The League,” “The Life and Times of Tim,” and “Children’s Hospital,” as well as such films as “Get Him to the Greek,” “I Love You, Man,” “Date Night” and more, over to the worldwide headquarters of Dave Hill International for a fireside chat.  Brace yourself as Nick and I discuss topics such as his upcoming Comedy Central special “Thank You Very Cool”, the great Fabrice Fabrice, Stephen Hawking, the events of September 11, his struggles with eczema, spotting guitar instructor Dan Smith on the streets of New York and much, much more.  For more on this podcast and other topics, please visit my website on the Internet at www.davehillonline.com and follow me on Twitter twitter.com/mrdavehill.  And by all means, please rate and review my incredible podcast on iTunes.  That would be so great.

Dave Hill

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