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Episode 16: Jesse Thorn

On this, the 16th episode of my incredible podcast, I am joined by Mr. Jesse Thorn, host of “The Sound of Young America” radio program and the co-host of the “Jordan, Jesse, GO!” podcast (which I think I might have referred to as “Jesse, Jordan, GO!” on this podcast (my apologies).  Brace yourself as Jesse and I discuss topics including but not limited to “The Sound of Young America” (mentioned earlier), secret sex parties, Ira Glass, the evils of corn syrup, MaxFunCon, the lumpiness of yogies, his favorite podcasts (not including this one), new sincerity, Lemmy, Bushwick Bill and other stuff too.  For more information on this podcast and more, please visit www.davehillonline.com.  And follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/mrdavehill.  Thank you so much.  Have a super day.

Dave Hill

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