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Mar 29, 2019

The doctors said Dave's wounds have fully healed, so he's back with another episode of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident dammit. In this incredible installment, Dave sits down with E. G. Scott, the pseudonym for writers Liz Keenan and Greg Wands, to discuss important matters including their new book The Woman Inside, which Dave demands you buy unless you're an animal or something.

Also, Dave announces his new podcast: Dave Hill: History Fluffer, which critics are already saying is the best podcast. You can listen to the first two episodes of Dave Hill: History Fluffer on iTunes now if you think you can handle it. Please subscribe, rate and review, which we're told helps in our plot for world domination.

You can help keep this slick operation running by supporting Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident and Dave Hill: History Fluffer over on Patreon, where we'll be releasing future episodes first and foremost to you, the sexy, sexy listener. Ok, that about does it.